What to do with left over paintings and paint?

This is the first post in a hopefully long running series. It will detail how I spend the day at my studio at The B Complex in Atlanta's historic West End. I plan to post at least three times per week, showing paintings in progress and activities I get into daily. Learn there is more to being an artist than painting a pretty picture.

This is a painting begun in the 1990s. Abandoned. Offered to my Aunt Eleanor, but alas too late. She is downsizing. So at the open house last week a client who came by loved it and offered to buy it. I told here to let me finish it and I'd sell it to her at a bargain price. I mean who else would want a painting of my aunt. So I sold it.

When I finish this painting I will post it and will call my client to pick it up. also in the studio today I worked on a few abstract ideas that I have started doing rather than waste the paints I have left on my palette. Here goes with a try at "Abstract Forests".

Yes some will have leaves in the future and some will be more colorful. The plan is to keep this  size canvas on hand (8 inches x 8 inches) and keep these in progress. The goal is that at a show a customer/client can choose the number they want to buy and hang them in a series. Maybe three across or nine in a larger square. It will be up to them and how much they want to spend. I am trying to keep these pieces below $50.00 each. They are very similar to plain line drawings --- only with impasto paint.

All of my paintings are worked in oil colors of professional quality. They contain multiple layers, and many days of application. At times I do paint in an alla prima method and these are found on my website. 

Tonight I think I'll go see Billy Idol. Blast from the past, tonight in Atlanta.

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