Thursday in the studio. A Work in Progress.

Thursday was very productive although nothing was finished. May things on the easel but nothing in a finished state.  This is what end of the week looked like. Works in progress.
Destiny of man 90% finished

doll series 1
I lied this one is finished.

doll series 2
Lied again. I finished this one too.

One of my all prima studies from
Mark Chatov's class

This one is finished too. Guess I finished more than I thought.

Favorite part of the day. Spanish siesta at 1pm. Yeah they all laugh at me down here,
but painting is really exhausting. No kidding. For real.

First in the series of Tate's Hell paintings.  This
is the first pass. Not a bad start, but you may not see it that way.
Many more layers needed to finish this one.

Abandoned home in Florida.
This is about 75% finished.

Toxaway Lodge as I remember it as a child.
75% finished

Florida house in a different setting.
If you haven't guessed, I tend to make up my settings.

Birds of paradise (commonly called pigeons)
first day on them

Innocence Lost
part of a series of abandoned structures.

More birds of paradise. 

abstract trees a little more finished


Tonight I am going to get out and go to a show ... or two, as I promised my therapist. 

Oh come on, everyone has a therapist these days. How else could we cope. 

Life's just one big mine#&$* (a slang term which describes a work that uses literary devices such as nonlinear storytelling and plot twists in order to present convoluted, yet not conflicting, themes. A creation is usually considered a mind#&$* when a casual observer is not able to discern the true meaning of a work without making a serious attempt to unravel the themes presented or when the plot is incredibly difficult to follow.) That's just how it is.

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