Saturday at the Studio

Today I set out to cut a 48 inch x 96 inch board into three 30 x 40 panels to use for paintings. My studio buddy Vernon Robinson found these twelve oak panels at the building supply down the street and knew this was what I was looking for to paint on. They were 20.00 each and in perfect condition. So instead of heading home, I met him down there and by the time I finished I had the price down to 16.30 per panel. These usually sell for 45.00 a sheet. That made my week Would worry about moving them the next day.

The next day I had John come over and help me move them. Want to guess who did the heavy lifting. Yeah, not me. John was a good sport so I had to take him to breakfast. So here are the pics of that adventure.

Oh wait a minute, out of that 48 x 96 panel I started out cutting that day. Lets just say I now am the owner of 2 - 20 x 30 panels, and 2 - 18 x 24 panels. At least I still have 11 more full sheets to play around with. I am determined I will get at least a few 30 x 40 panels.

I did sleep well that night and was a little sore the next day. 
Next week I'll cut some more and get the cradles attached.

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