Friday Night Out with Emma

Friday night and I decided to go gallery hopping with Emma, a friend from Marc Chatov's painting group. We started at the Lowe gallery and saw some incredible faces painted by Fabio Monica. There was also some very decorative collaged shellworks by Claire Begheyn, but as you can tell I fell largely for the heavily painterly works of Fabio's.

Ok, I liked the name too.

Food was incredible and soon we were chased away from the desert table when a waitress took our plates for the second time.

Soon we were on our way to the second gallery. The new opening of the Mason Gallery. We both saw numerous people we knew at this gallery and the art was more representational. So now my friends have gotten me to go out to two galleries this year. My therapist will be so happy.

Probably my favorite that evening was the Fabio works at the Lowe Gallery. The depth and paint was amazing.

I gave out on Emma after the Mason Gallery. Gosh and to think I used to party all night.  Not anymore tomorrow is learning to cut boards without the use of a table saw or cutting board.

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